The Middle Way Practice

A multidimensional practice for attunement and awakening.

My name is Maya Myozen Hill and I welcome you as a fellow traveller on the path of spirit and self discovery, personal growth and deeper healing.

My offerings include mindfulness and meditation, two areas of foundational practices that support us as we address our complex lives. My work includes compassionately investigating and integrating the shadow via deep introspection and relational practices. My aspiration for you is the recovery of deeper intimacy within and with those around you, and to catalyze your life’s call forward.

I have been a Buddhist practitioner for 30 years and I orient my life and work toward what is called the Bodhisattva vow.  At its essence this is a vow to stay in relationship! The Middle Way, an ancient Buddhist philosophy, has emerged for me as a trusted and meaningful guide into the future of the syncretic healing arts of the 21st century. My work investigates the complexity of our inner lives and our capacity to stay present to the joy and suffering of this world in healthy relationship.

I invite you to connect with me so we can explore if we may be a good fit for entering into the mystery of this healing together.


The beauty of our time, the age we live in,
is not in the circumstances.
It is in the richness of our capacity for experiencing.